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    8: Your Future Was Bleek
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Killa Kwa? (Part 1)

Written by: 0-T on Nov 18th, 2002

Dame: Hey, everybody pay attention... I got an important Roc-A-Nnouncement! HOLLA!

Jay and Beans: *look up from rollin dice*

State Property: *pauses Grand Theft Auto Vice City*

Cam'Ron: *stops arguing with a bitch over whose blouse is the pinkest*

M.O.P.: *stops bouncing off the walls screaming*

Freeway: *stops crying and looks up like a sad puppy*

Memphis Bleek: *looks up from scrubbing the floor with his toothbrush*

Dame: Bleek, this don't concern you. Get back to work.

Bleek: Man, why--

Dame: Bleek! we had this discussion. You must like wearing that Roc-A-Wear bib at dinner.

Young Chris: hahaha HOLLA!

Bleek: *mumbles under his breath and continues scrubbing*

Dame: Alright, um... we have another addition to the Roc-A-Fella family. I want you all to show him the same respect you show M.O.P., Twista, and every other artist on our roster...

Beans: *looks at Dame and rolls his eyes toward Bleek*

Dame: oh, except Bleek.

Everyone: Oh, aight...

Dame: Now, this is an artist I've had a lot of respect for... for years. But as you all know, we're not allowed to compliment any artist in the industry until they're signed to the Roc, and I'm proud to say... that day has arrived.

Everyone: *looks on with anticipation*

Dame: Aight, come on out man.

Talib Kweli: *jogs through the door wearing a blue Roc-A-Wear jump suit and a green kufi*


Cam'Ron: *turns up his nose*

Jay and Beans: *go back to rollin dice*


Young Chris: *points to GTA Vice City* Ayo Free, watch me jack this nigga!

Freeway: *cries*

Dame: Ay...this nigga is hot! I'm tellin y'all. Killa Kwa, kick that blaze! HOLLA!

Talib: HOLLA!... Yo.. Yo... Yo... *looks around and sees no one listening* Yo.. Yo...

Dame: *nudges Talib*

Talib: Yo... Yo... I'm the Roc like roll, hot like soul, bout to make the game stop like hold...I want a pot like gold...

Beans: Damn, this nigga be sayin "like" more than anybody I ever heard.

Jay: Who?

Beans: Nevermind...


Cam'Ron: *walks up to Talib and cuts him off* Yo, this label only big enough for one killa.

Talib: Good, then I got here just in time.


Everyone in the room: SHUT UP BLEEK!

Cam'Ron: Yo Dames... you my man and I love you like a wife, but you be feelin some fruity shit. What this nigga be talkin bout, Africa and shit? We ganxta nigga. KILLA!

Talib: *cocks back and punches the shit outta Cam*

Everyone in the room: HOLLA!


*to be continued*

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