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Before Destiny's Child... A Child Destiny

Written by: 0-T on January 31st, 2005

[ This is a lost transcript from the late 90's. The specific time is unknown, but it predates every Roc-A-Scene Volume. This information has been revealed in conjunction with the autobigraphy of Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas' daughter Destiny. ]

Jay-Z: Now you know you's a foul bitch, right? I never dug out a ho while she was with her seed.

Destiny: Mommy, what's a bitch?

Carmen: Nothin honey. Go play with-- what's his name?

Memphis Bleek: Memph Bleek, ma.

Carmen: Go and play with Menfbeak. Me and the nice man have to talk about some things. *Carmen hands Destiny to Bleek, sitting in the back seat of Jay's Range Rover*

Jay: Yeah, we gotta talk about some things. *grabs Carmen's neck and guides her face in his lap*

Carmen: Don't get it twisted. I'm not a groupie.

Jay: Whatever. *pushes her head back down*

Carmen: You know, you remind me of BIG. Can I call you BIG?

Jay: My name is Jay-Z, but that's cool. *pushes her head back down*

(( On their way to her home, Carmen keeps her head in Jay's lap, while Bleek entertains Destiny in the back seat. The 4 of them drive to her suburban home and park.)

Carmen: Honey, stay here with Menfbeak. Mommy and the nice man have to talk inside.

Bleek: Yo Jay, I ain't no babysitter man. You said we was pickin up some hoes.

Jay: How'd you get here man?

Bleek: ??? Whatchu mean?

Jay: How'd you end up this house.

Bleek: I rode with you.. in your Rover. Whatchu mean?

Jay: You wanna ride back the same way, or you wanna walk?

*Bleek grabs a bobblehead from the dashboard and starts talking baby-talk to Destiny*

(( Once inside, Jay-Z kicks his feet up on the sofa and drinks a can of Sprite. Carmen strip teases for him, leaving her clothes on the floor, and throwing her panties in the air. ))

Jay: You puttin on a show, huh?

Carmen: I'm not through with it, I'm just previewin it.

Jay: Well let's take the main event upstairs. *Jay finishes his soda and throws the can on the floor*

(( The two head upstairs, at which point, Jay has his way with Carmen. ))

Carmen: You don't have to use a condom boo. I wanna feel you. *tries rolling the condom up*

Jay: ........I'm good, ma. Thanks. *slides the rubber on tighter*

*Jay-Z and Carmen hear a truck pull up, bumpin Live at the Bar-B-Q*

Jay: What the fuck?

Carmen: Oh shit, that's my babydaddy! Get up!

Jay: Chill... Who's yo babydaddy?

Carmen: You really don't wanna know.

Jay: What, he a crazy nigga or somethin? Do the math. I carry the 9, so fuckin with me just ain't the answer.

Carmen: He's not crazy, he's just...

*Nas opens the living room door and calls for Carmen and Destiny*


Carmen: *sighs*

Jay: Wha? C'mon ma, don't sweat this shit. Fuck it, I'll give that nigga a autograph.

(( Nas turns off the ceiling fan, and the blades get slower and slower. On the final swing, he notices a G string and hears laughter ))

* On the other side of the house, Jay walks out the bedroom, while putting his shirt on, and heads toward the kitchen.*

*Nas walks into the kitchen, flipping through the mail. He looks up and sees Shawn Carter in his baby mother's kitchen, appearing noticably relaxed.*

Nas: .........

Jay: .........

*Carmen stumbles into the kitchen, buttoning up her shirt*

Nas: *looks over to Carmen*

Jay: Sup man?


Carmen: I can explain..

Nas: WHAT. THE. FUCK?!!?

Carmen: See what had happened was...

*Nas keeps looking at Carmen, then at Jay, then back at Carmen. Jay stands perfectly still, right eyebrow raised*

Carmen: Okay, see... Jay wanted to do a song with you right...

Jay: *raises eyebrow further*

Nas: So he came over to the crib? I ain't even give him my numbers! *Nas starts ranting like Jay isn't even in the room*

Carmen: I just thought I'd fix Jigga a snack, and you guys could maybe discuss things over a coffee.

Jay: *playing along* uh... yeah, I got this joint from Premier, and...

Nas: *ignoring Jay* You had to take off your fuckin panties to fix him a snack?

Carmen: It was getting hot.

Nas: Bitch I paid 13 thousand dollars for central air out this mother fucker. Turn it on.

Jay: *standing idle, watching the two argue, takes a brief moment and sniffs his finger*

Nas: And I paid for you to get a fuckin maid. Everytime I come over here, it's dirty dishes and soda cans... mud all over the sofa. You know you's a black girl lost, forreal. DES! *Nas starts storming around the house, looking for his daughter* DES!

Jay: Maybe I should come back another time.

Carmen: No, he's fine. He just gets like this around release dates. Columbia puts a lot of pressure on him, cause... he's the only rapper on the label really.

Jay: *nods*

Nas: *comes back into the kitchen* Where's Des?

Carmen: She ain't here.

Nas: Why didn't you fuckin tell me-- *sighs and tries to regain composure* Where is she?

Carmen: She's with the sitter.

Nas: The who?

Carmen: The babysitter nigga.

Nas: Why the fuck are you gettin child support if you ain't never with the child?

*Memphis Bleek walks into the kitchen, holding little Destiny*

Bleek: She fell asleep in the truck. I guess she don't like weed that much. She was coughin and shit.

*Nas, rendered completely speechless, snatches his daughter from Bleek's grasp and carries her out of the house.*

Bleek: What's his problem? Nas lookin ass nigga.

*Carmen and Jay look at each other and explode into laughter*

[ This incident would later go on to inspire hip-hop classics, ranging from "Undying Love" to "Is That Your Bitch," along with the highly publicized beef between Nas and Jay-Z. Although the two claim the beef was sparked over a rap title, history knows better. ]

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