Vol.8: Your Future Was Bleek
Written by: 0-T on Feb 17th, 2004

All of the label's roster and staff are in a rich Jew's mansion, somewhere in a New England town you never heard of. This spot is often used for video shoots and tours to impress investors, but today everyone's gathered for a celebration.

Jay: Everybody settle down, I have an announcement to make.

*crowd looks up*

Jay: College Dropout, Roc-A-Fella's first official release since The Black Album, is a huge success. Kanye, you did 450,000 your first week. You's a genius nigga.

Crowd: *applauds*

Bleek: ....the FUCK?

Jay: This is very important news for the Roc. A lot of people said we couldn't do it after I retired, but Kanye is proof that Roc-A-Fella is the army. First official album to drop after mine already on its way to platinum. We will not lose!

Young Chris: Yessssss

Bleek: first official release?

Crowd: *applauds*

Dame: Man, I'll be the first to admit... when I first heard Kanye rap, I thought he was trash.

Bleek: still is

Dame: But then he started showin that hunger that I get from all the other rappers on the Roc. Jay

Jay: *nods*

Dame: Cam

Cam: Holla

Dame: Young Gunz

Young Chris: Yessssss

Dame: Beans


Dame: Where's Beanie?

Freeway: He had to ROCK a nigga last night, URLY! He's in central now... Biggs went to go bail him.

Young Chris: Chea

Dame: Oh okay... *surprisingly not surprised* anyway, we've got a history of great artists on the Roc, leading all the way back to our first official signing, with Beans back in 98.

Bleek: the fuck?!?

Dame: And I just wanna say... anything's possible over here. Kanye, why don't you say a few words.

*crowd cheers*

Kayne: Aw man, I'm speechless... I don't even know what to say. Uh... I'M KILLIN Y'ALL NIGGAS ON THAT LYRICAL SHIT, MAYONNAISE COLOR BENZ I PUSH MIRACLE WHIPS! *goofy ass grin*

*crowd laughs*

Bleek: Man, what the-- this nigga done said that shit 800 gazillion times. Fuck this nigga son.

Kanye: I can't believe it...seemed like it was only yesterday-- (Kanye's speech fades down while Bleek's disappointment grows louder in his head)

Bleek: I mean what the fuck son?! You said yourself you was ridin the train when you wrote that line. You a fake ass nigga and you know it yourself. Up here grinnin like a bitch... like, like shit is a game. It ain't a fuckin GAME.

Kanye: and that's all I gotta say man. It's the Roc!

*crowd cheers*

Jay: Hey Just, you gonna start spittin next, ha?

*crowd laughs*

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Young Chris: Yesssssss

Dame: So congrats to Kanye... everyone enjoy the Armadale. It's on the house.

*crowd goes back to celebrating, with one lonely exception*

Bleek: *depressed, walks over to Just Blaze* Hey man, what you smokin on?

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: Cool, gimme a hit of that. *puffs* You real into music and shit... In your opinion, what does Kanye have that I don't?

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: So you sayin he just got that spark?

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: I don't see it man. I know I rap better than this nigga. I know I'm realer than this nigga. I mean look at this mother fucker. (camera pans up Kanye while Bleek breaks it down) ...$400 designer shoes... some cheap, faded ass jeans.. nigga didn't buy 'em like that. I saw them shits when they were still blue son. And a striped polo that don't match shit in this whole room. This nigga walkin round lookin like a European fag model son.

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: What's that nigga that play the elf on Lord of the Rings?

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: Yeah man, I saw this nigga rockin the same shit on the cover of some magazine, lookin like a bitch. And now this nigga in the same get up. He a disgrace to everything the Roc stood for when I got here. Now he poppin shit like he at the top of the food chain. You feel me?

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: I think I'ma steal on this nigga son, right in his busted ass jaw. I'ma rip this faggot nigga's mouth off and he can make a song about that shit.

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: You right, you right. This ain't the time or the place. I gotta catch this nigga on the humble.

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Bleek: I hate this nigga son. That's my word. If this nigga ever say shit to me, I'ma have him spittin through a casket, you heard? Look, here come that bitch ass nigga right now.

Kanye: *walks up to Bleek and Blaze* what up niggas?

Bleek: Sup

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze

Kanye: I just wanna thank y'all for showin me love tonight.

Bleek: Well you know, it's Roc-A-Fella for life. We family.

Kanye: Exactly

Bleek: Everybody get their lil 15 minutes of fame, no matter what. Enjoy it.

Kanye: Yup... Bleek, you're one hit away! *pats Bleek's shoulder, and walks away laughing*

Bleek: *grinds his teeth and literally turns red*

Just Blaze: Jus Blaaaaaaaze!

Bleek: AYO! EVERYBODY! Listen up! I got a announcement to make!

*everybody stops what they're doing*

Bleek: *surprised everyone listened* .... uh....

*blank stares*

Bleek: Last night, I got in a car acc- a PLANE accident. A plane crash... and I almost I'ma take 50-- 100 Gs of my own money and shoot a video!

*crowd is already back to ignoring him*

Posh Spice: *walks up to Bleek laughing* That was a great story. I don't know how Dame does it...

Bleek: does what?

Posh Spice: Find all this talent. Rappers, producers, now even the waiters are entertainers. *hands Bleek her empty glass and walks off*

Bleek: BITCH! what the FUCK son?!? Aight, I ain't never wearin a suit again.

Cam: *walks up to Bleek* What's goin on fam?

Bleek: Nothin man, just wonderin what the fuck happened to the game.

Cam: I feel you fam. All this faggot shit. It's disgusting.

Bleek: Word... whatchu doin after this?

Cam: Man, I'ma go get my dick sucked by this nigga out back.

Bleek: ........

Cam: Then I probably hit some more of this purple and catch me some Dave Chappelle.


Bleek: Hol up... you gettin your dick sucked by who?

Cam: This nigga, I forget his name. You want me to ask if he'll hit you off too?

Bleek: Nigga how the fuck you get your dick sucked by a dude?

Cam: Nah fam, don't get it twisted. Ain't no fruity shit goin on over here... not everybody can get away with that shit. But when you the hardest nigga on the block, it's nothin fam. Just like in jail. That don't make you gay, you feel me?

Bleek: Yo... I'ma catch up with you later tho. *walks away*

Cam: Aight man. Ayo--

Bleek: *stops*

Cam: Killa Cam, Purple Haze comin Ca'March 2004.

Bleek: ....we on the same label, why you tellin me that?

Cam: I tell everybody that.

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