Vol.4: Roc Room
Written by: 0-T on Nov 28th, 2002

[ Just Blaze and Kanye West play pool in the Roc Rec Room, with Bleek in the background, polishing arcade joysticks ]

Just Blaze: We're having quite the run...

Kanye: I did Takeover, do you got beef with Naaaas?

Just Blaze: Stop saying that. I can't get your fuckin verse outta my head.

Kanye: Man, my album is gonna be the shit. You should hear the beats I've been saving for it.

Just Blaze: Saving?

Bleek: *raises brow*

Just Blaze and Kanye: *look over to Bleek*

Bleek: *gets back to polishing*

Kanye: ... yeah, saving.

Just Blaze: Shit, I just give out the beats as I do 'em.

Kanye: Big mistake man... how you look havin Jay come to you for some heat and you gave your last shit to Bleek?

Just Blaze: HAHAHAHA

Bleek: Ayo, I'm standin right here nigga. Y'all could a least talk about me behind my back.

Kanye: Anyway, you gotta hold back sometimes.

Just Blaze: Didn't you sell Poppin Tags and Never Change to other niggas, then resold them to Jay?

Kanye: ............. I did take over the game! brought back the soul! *does the cabbage patch*

Just Blaze: You stupid.

Kanye: But seriously... you ever make some hot shit and think to yourself... "damn, this beat is golden..."

Just Blaze: *nods*

Kanye: ...and you think about all the great emcees in the game, and how we're kinda wasting beats on some average lyricists. It really contributes to the downward spiral in hip-hop, where talented original hip-hop artists recieve less recognition for their craft, because the so-called "hot producers" will only work with whoever's hot. One day, we'll look back on our millions and feel cheated... not only having cheated the hip-hop culture of some truly timeless music, but cheated ourselves out of the experience of creating the classic music like our forefathers in the rap game. Sometimes, I ask myself, is it all worth it.

Just Blaze: ......

Kanye: ......


Bleek: *grins... and gradually works up enough nerve to start laughing outloud* HAHAHA

Kanye and Just Blaze: SHUT UP BLEEK!

Bleek: *pouts*

Kanye and Just Blaze: *return to their girlish cackling*

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