1: The Wash
    2: Closet Nas Fan
    3: Killa Kwa? (Part 1)
    4: Roc Room
    5: Gold is Old
    6: Roc-A-Wedding
    7: Top Secret Operation
    8: Your Future Was Bleek
    9: We're Through
  10: O'Reilly vs the Roc Part 2
  11: Before Destiny's Child...
  12: Change of Heart
  13: Welcome to Def Jam
Frequently Asked Questions
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How did Roc-A-Scenes start out?
    Like most of you reading this, I love hip-hop and frequent the net.'s forum, The Circuit Board is my fix.

    A couple years back, someone posted a rumor that Jay-Z was afraid of Suge Knight, because he didn't show up to a club where Suge was supposedly at. Upon reading that, I immediately posted a more likely rendition of what happened that night. This spawned what would later come to be known as... "Roc-A-Scenes."

    You can view the very beginning by clicking here, but you have to be registered @ to view posts.

How old are Roc-A-Scenes?
    The first one was written June 2002. They've been around quite some time.

    24, Male, Black, New Orleans, 6'1", 205, Bachelor's, Contra code.

Do you write professionally?
    I'm flattered that you'd ask. Yes, I've written some college papers for money.

Do you hate Memphis Bleek?
    Nah. Actually, I think Bleek is constantly improving (M.A.D.E. is a tight album, no bullshit). Unfortunately, someone has to be the fall guy, and Jay-Z wouldn't work.

Do you think Bleek wants to kill you?
    I always write these with the understanding that Bleek is probably somewhere counting money or fucking a groupie, while I'm sitting in front of my computer blowin him up. Assuming he'd even read these, I doubt he'd harbor any hard feelings.

Can I be informed the next time there's a Roc-A-Scene?
    Yeah. Sign up to our mailing list, and I'll keep you up to date on Roc-A-Scenes, and my future writing projects.

I have an idea for your next Roc-A-Scene! Yo, check this out...
    This is Frequently Asked Questions. That's not a question.

I draw really well. Can I illustrate future Roc-A-Scenes?
    This was debated for a minute on The Circuit Board. We basically decided to keep it in text format. Since these are written visually, illustrations would turn Roc-A-Scenes into something completely different. I'm working on another hip-hop comic strip to debut later this year, for all of our ADD readers.

Where can I view all of the Roc-A-Scenes in their original state?
    Every Roc-A-Scene was originally posted on the message board, The Circuit Board, and they will always be posted there first.

What if I'm not a registered member of
    You're missing out on the best hip-hop message board, in my opinion. I'm biased though, so I'll cut the promo short.

    However, every volume of Roc-A-Scenes was written spontaneously, as a response to another post on Sound Circuit. You may be missing some inside jokes reading them here (especially Volume 7). But since only registered members can view posts, I put them here in their original format.

What do you think of people stealing Roc-A-Scenes and putting them everywhere without giving you credit?
    People bootleg movies, video games, software, and albums on the internet (not that I have), so it's part of the game. In any case, I'm glad people everywhere are enjoying it.

    "I done did it, y'all wanna take my flow and run with it
    That's cool, I was the first one with it"
    -Jay-Z "Imaginary Player"

    See what happened? I wanted you to read something... but since I didn't write it, I credited the author and gave the source of its origin. Now you try.

Who designed this site?

What's in store for Roc-A-Scenes?
    More Volumes. More Jay, Dame, Kanye, Bleek, and more parodies of hip-hop's current events. I'm trying not to take any of this too seriously, but money and bitches can change a man.
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